Why Doesn’t He Get IT????

You have dropped hint after hint that you would like to take a long, romantic walk on the beach with him and he’s just not getting it!

Here is what you probably said, “I love to walk on the beach.” “It would be nice to go to the beach.” Amanda’s boyfriend just took her to the beach last weekend.”

Here is what he heard you say….”I like the beach.”

What you WANT him to say, “Baby, let’s take some time this weekend and go to the beach with a blanket, and bring a bottle of wine, and take a long walk at sunset, just me and  you. I really want to have a long talk about us and our feelings.”

He is never going to respond that way. EVER. Men do not get hints. They don’t care about a long walk on the beach with you or anyone else. And they certainly don’t want to have long talks and share their feelings. They are happy to share a large pepperoni pizza with you!! That is a GREAT TIME to them.

Men respond to being given tasks to complete. So here is how you get yourself to the beach with  your man.

“Honey, I want to go to the beach this weekend. I’ll pack wine and a blanket. And I want to go on a long walk. That will be romantic.” Let’s go on Saturday, how about that?”

Here is his brain processing………..”She wants to go to the beach. Check! For some reason she wants to walk. Check! Saturday. Check! I can make that happen!”

What he says, “O.k., Saturday is fine.”

Here is what he’ll do. He’ll put gas in the car, make sure the car is in good working order so you will be safe. Check out the road conditions so he’ll be ready to safely get you there. He’ll bring tools and a flashlight and other man stuff to be ready for  emergencies. He will walk with you on he beach, all the while being aware of any predators that are around so he can protect you in case of danger.


So just plainly and directly tell him what you want and he will go to the ends of the earth trying to get it for you.

Once the beach day is over, you put your arms around his neck, look into his eyes and say, “Thanks for the wonderful day. You are the best boyfriend ever!”

And the next time you want something he will gladly do it for you.

Aunt Gina


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