Why Hasn’t He Called/Texted Me?

You had a great date, talked for hours, hit it off and a week later he hasn’t called. Why?

Here are some reasons:

  • He just wanted to have sex with you.
  • He has a girlfriend.
  • He’s not interested in you.
  • He’s on Mars

There really are no other reasons. Stop trying to analyze it. If you can successfully analyze why he didn’t call then what? Nothing! Men are very simple. There is never a complicated answer as to why he hasn’t called. Never EVER, EVER, EVER is there a complex reason why a guy didn’t call.

What to do?

DON’T CALL HIM. Men love to chase and if you don’t make him chase he will not like you.  If you call him and he’s not into you it will be horribly awkward. Or he will lie and tell you that he’s been so busy and that he will call next week. He won’t call you next week or ever.

Move on! There is nothing wrong with you. You are just not the right match for this guy.


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