Ask Aunt Gina ANYTHING!

Hi, I’m Aunt Gina and I can answer a lot of questions for you about guys. After 24 years of marriage I finally understand men!  I realized I was mad at my husband simply for being a man.  The truth is, men are really simple creatures that can be like putty in your hand once you understand them.

And once I help you figure out your boyfriend/husband/guy you are dating,frustrated-woman-in-front-of-computer

you’ll have more time to shop for shoes.

Here’s an example of questions I’d be happy to answer and subjects I’ll be writing about.

Why hasn’t he called me?

Why can’t he talk about his feelings?

Why is he so insensitive?

Why didn’t he remember the anniversary of our first date?

Why is he acting mean and distant?

Why can’t he be more romantic?

What did that text really mean?

Why does he look at porn? Aren’t I enough?


Love you and always remember to respect yourself.

Aunt Gina





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